About Bisham

Dr. Bisham Singh

The Doctor Michigan
Needs in Congress

Dr. Bisham Singh is the conservative health care leader we need in Congress to win the biggest battle of the coming years: to prevent the likes of AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders from taking over America’s healthcare system.

If elected to Congress from Michigan’s 10th Congressional District, Dr. Bisham Singh would be a one-of-a-kind healthcare expert: he’d be the only member of Congress who has run healthcare practices in both America and Canada. And with leading voices in the Democratic Party wanting to make our healthcare system more like Canada’s, we need Dr. Bisham Singh to loudly say, “Hell no!”

Dr. Singh’s alma mater is McMaster University, where he also did part of his medical training and clerkships. He practiced in the Department of Urological Surgery in a clinical and academic setting for many years. He completed a fellowship in administrative medicine, and later focused on healthcare administration. More recently, he’s become a leading investor and entrepreneur in innovative medical businesses.

Dr. Singh is most proud of his work with charitable organizations that provide healthcare to children regardless of their families’ ability to pay. And he’s a founder of Oxford Academy, a private school in Macomb County.

Dr. Singh’s wife Joy, whose alma mater is Bob Jones University, also practices medicine, and they’re raising their four children in Macomb County’s Chesterfield Township. The family attends Northlake Baptist Church.

America’s healthcare — and your family’s healthcare — is on the line. And no one is better prepared to win the fight for us than Dr. Bisham Singh. That’s why we truly need this doctor in the House!