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I’m a medical doctor with a lifetime of experience making healthcare work for people, and I can spot a sick patient when I see one! The American healthcare system is very sick, with high costs, uneven delivery of care, and a payment system literally no one loves. Unfortunately, liberals are proposing a “reform” that will make the entire system vastly worse: socialized, single-payer healthcare, with the federal government calling all the shots.

I can’t sit on the sidelines when the healthcare system we all need is about to be destroyed.

Here’s the looming problem nobody is talking about: over the next 10 years, about a third of our doctors are slated to retire, and there aren’t nearly enough docs coming up through the ranks to replace them.

It’s the same situation, or maybe a little bit worse, with nurses. If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until the shortage of healthcare professionals reaches that level of crisis. This comes at a time when a booming number of Americans are managing chronic disease, and need continued access to healthcare on a regular basis. Obamacare, bureaucracy, paperwork, and a broken “sick care” model of healthcare delivery is making that problem even worse. We have to turn that around, and we’re running out of time.

What Are Your Solutions?

We desperately need to attract more people to healthcare professions. One important step is to let these people do their jobs without burying them in paperwork! (We should do that with teachers too, but that’s the answer to another question!) The insanely demanding schedules of healthcare workers need an overhaul too. Let’s face it: nobody is at their best at the end of a 24-hour shift! And no doctor or nurse can be expected to make a meaningful change in a patient’s health if they’re forced to see 40 patients per day.

That Sounds Like Making Healthcare More Expensive.

Initially, perhaps it might. Yes, doctors and nurses need to be able to spend more time with their patients. And absolutely they need more rational schedules, and to be relieved of paperwork and bureaucratic burdens we’ve buried them under. But all of this will lead to healthier patients. Truly the only effective way to lower the total cost of healthcare in America is to have less illness. On our present course lies insolvency.

Speaking of Insolvency, Isn’t America Heading There Anyway?

Like a freight train! I didn’t like deficit spending in the 70s, or the 80s, or the 90s, or the 00s or the 10s or now! Our debt has passed $23 trillion and passes new trillion-dollar milestones every year. Both parties have utterly failed.

We should set a goal of reducing the federal civilian workforce by 5% to start with, and then freeze it there and not fill empty non-essential positions as workers retire.

Remember how I told you how a third of doctors will be retiring over the next 10 years? Roughly the same is true for federal workers. We can ratchet down the size of the federal bureaucracy through attrition rather quickly. There have to be exceptions, obviously: I don’t want to reduce the number of Border Control officers at a time of an immigration crisis, for instance.

What Else Would You Cut Spending On?

I want to unwind the vast maze of federal subsidies, where we’re all subsidizing each other! For instance, it makes no sense for taxpayers in Huron County to subsidize mass transit in the City of Detroit every time they put gas in their car. But it also makes no sense for cell phone customers in Detroit to subsidize telephone users in Huron County with their monthly phone bill. All this money washes through Washington, DC, where armies of lawyers and bureaucrats skim a huge percentage off the top.

What About Welfare?

Now is the perfect time to completely overhaul how we provide for those who can’t provide for themselves. With the economy strong, unemployment low and jobs going unfilled, we need to renew our commitment to requiring those who are able-bodied to work for their assistance. But we need to think about more than just work requirements.

Currently, there are federal programs that provide food assistance, Medicaid for healthcare, child care assistance, housing assistance, job training assistance, free cell phone service, help to pay energy bills, cash assistance, plus the Earned Income Tax Credit, which reimburses the working poor for the Social Security and Medicare taxes they pay for the benefits they’ll receive in the future. Certainly, no one designing a system to help able-bodied adults who are going through economic trouble would create a system like this. It’s a hot mess! We should redesign it from scratch, setting a maximum amount of assistance and strict time limits as well. The most successful social experiment of my lifetime was the bipartisan effort on welfare reform in the 1990s. It worked well and we need to get back to work on that.

No, I will not vote to raise taxes on the American people.

The federal government spends too much money. A tax increase sufficient to balance the federal budget would send us into a crushing recession, which would then make the deficit massively worse. I have signed the No-Tax Pledge sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform. You have that commitment in writing!

I am passionately pro-life and believe that every innocent human life is worthy of the protection of our laws.

I will be a vocal champion of this cause in Congress. I want to take on those who claim abortion is just another healthcare procedure, and as a medical doctor, I think my voice can make a valuable contribution to this debate.

Liberals claim they want our healthcare system to be more like Canada’s. But we already have part of our system operating that way: the Veterans Administration. It’s shameful that men and women who have defended our country have died while awaiting care, stuck on endless waiting lists.

I’ll use a career of experience in healthcare administration to help President Trump finish the job of making the Veterans Administration more like America.

I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and I believe that the Second Amendment confers every American the right to own firearms, just as the First Amendment gives every American the right to freedom of speech and the freedom of worship.I believe we should interpret the constitution as it was written, as they intended.

I strongly support President Trump’s appointment of federal judges who will interpret the plain text of the constitution accordingly.